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Commercial Case Study

Unipart Rail

Fiber ProTector™ Fabric And Carpet Protection
Successfully Trialed By Southern Rail

The Challenge

Southern Rail had a problem with seats and carpets becoming stained and dirty. This resulted in dissatisfied passengers and increased cleaning costs to maintain the required high standard of vehicle presentation.

The cleanliness of seats and carpets on trains is a major factor in the overall satisfaction of passengers. Keeping the seats and carpets clean and stain free is a high priority for train operators and can require a signicant amount of time and cost to maintain the best appearance.

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A passenger spills their drink...
The train’s carpet is treated with Fiber ProTector™, notice how the liquid remains in droplet form without soaking in.

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A dry cloth can absorb the spillage...
At this point the train cleaning team need not use detergents or other harsh chemicals, just an absorbent dry cloth.

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Leaving no trace of the incident...
The spillage can be cleaned in moments, with minimal disruption in service, routine cleaning takes a fraction of the time.

The Solution

Unipart Rail recommended the Fiber ProTector™ spray coating product to reduce the cleaning time required of the fabrics
and to maintain their original appearance. Several trials were undertaken including training of the cleaning workforce.

The Fiber ProTector™ product was trialled at the Southern Selhurst depot in south London to reduce the cleaning time and regime that is used on a daily basis. The spray coating was applied to the seats and carpets of their Class 377 vehicles.

Application of the product is undertaken by using a pressure sprayer and cross spraying the fabrics to ensure full and complete coverage. Application is quick and simple with a full carriage taking approximately 20 minutes.

The product allows spills and stains to be quickly removed from the fabric without permanent staining. Cleaning is made easier and faster by only needing to use a damp micro-fiber cloth and a short period of vacuuming.

The product is long lasting and only requires to be re-applied every 2 to 3 years. The treatment also dramatically increases the life and appearance of the fabrics.

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The Result

Southern Rail is extremely pleased with the performance of the Fiber ProTector product and are implementing the application of the product across their entire fleet, based on the following results:

  • 75% reduction in amount of chemicals used
  • 75% quicker cleaning of vehicles during turnaround operations
  • 50% reduction in deep cleaning time
  • Improved efficiency of the cleaning teams
  • Improved life of the fabrics
  • Improved passenger satisfaction due to better cleanliness of the vehicles
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Viewed under a microscope the individual fibers of a carpet or seat cover contain millions of tint cavities which trap liquids and dirt, causing stains. Fiber ProTector™ can quickly and reliably fill these cavities, meaning easier, more efficient train cleaning and a healthy fresh interior environment.